It’s been ages since my last post, no? Well, besides from being busy, I’m quite occupied with games ( I will tell about it later days). But I did watched an anime that was quite interesting. If you are more into actions, romance and shounen, then this anime isn’t quite suited to your liking.Mushishi-Wall-mushi-shi-16650576-1600-1200.jpg


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Hey, it’s the Liebster Award!

So how it’s going, guys? I’m back from wherever I was.. in the dumps. Constantly being fed of negative thought and impression, I tried to let off some steam ( which it didn’t even worked at all). That’s explain why I’m away for very long including music-hunting.


Putting that aside, L-zerb asked me to do his Liebster Award, which I procrastinated for too long. I think this is the time for me to answer the questionnaire.


Nothing better to do…


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