A few days into the Intensive Japanese Language programme….

How it’s going, guys? It’ve been 7 days since I joined the programme I mentioned earlier. So, how did it go?


Learning Japanese is actually a bit easy once you get to know bits and pieces here and there, especially grammar. We were taught with phrases like the ones for aisatsu (greetings) and basic ones. Well, it’s only a drop in the ocean compared to the scope of Nihongo. Katakana and hiragana are surprisingly easy, if you put your backs to it. Just give a couple days of hard work and you’re able to read them, though the way to write them is another hard thing. Kanji? well, we haven’t learn it yet but I took my own initiative to learn them head on before the senseis teach us.

The senseis? they are very amazing. They understand how student who are green to nihongo felt like, so they teach it in a pace that is easy to comprehend and students can easily catch up. And hearing them talking about their experience in Japan is very well enticing to my ears. We also have pure Japanese taught us there. We called her, Sasamori-sensei. Her cheerful disposition and with friendly attitude actually made us felt comfortable with her. Not to mention the way she joked with us throughout the lesson.

The hostel is another thing. It’s not bad, but…… lacking. No water kettle, chilling-to-the-bone night and non-functioning water heater for shower. Many students caught a cold early in the morning, thanks to these. And wi-fi? My old modem was even better. Still, the beds are quite comfortable….

So, that’ all for now. I don’t have much leisure to rest, draw or blogging actually. So today I took a chance to do so. I will keep updating this post.

See you next time.


One thought on “A few days into the Intensive Japanese Language programme….

  1. L-zerb says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster award http://wp.me/p5vakc-54. hope you can find the time to do it.


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