Hey, it’s the Liebster Award!

So how it’s going, guys? I’m back from wherever I was.. in the dumps. Constantly being fed of negative thought and impression, I tried to let off some steam ( which it didn’t even worked at all). That’s explain why I’m away for very long including music-hunting.


Putting that aside, L-zerb asked me to do his Liebster Award, which I procrastinated for too long. I think this is the time for me to answer the questionnaire.


Nothing better to do…


  1. What is your favourite Japanese live action movie or series that was adapted from an anime?

Truthfully, I haven’t watched live action movie nor liking them at all. But so far, Gokusen 3 have enticed me. At least I prefer any live action series that doesn’t include the cliche love conflict. Malaysia’s drama industries has already saturated of them, and not a single one actually proved to be worthy of my time.

2. Have you ever experience overpowering the other team or player when playing sports?

Hahaha….. never, not even a single once. My body isn’t as tough as other people since I never really into sport, and even if I did, I have neither the tools nor the place to play. But I do like anything that involves only hand movement instead of feet.

3. Do you like spending your leisure time alone or with friends?

I have to say, alone. Not because I hate people, but because rarely did anyone have the same interest as I am. And even if I did hang out with them, fate will somehow set me to be cast aside and forgotten by my friends. Such a cruel fate for me.

4. Do you have any real life friend anime fan? If you do, how many?

I do have them, but I cannot count them. I judge anime fans in a very stricter way. Liking only one kind of anime doesn’t fit to be anime fan for me, nor does liking the main series like Naruto, One piece and their kinds. If you like anime, you wanted to know more of them, not the surface only.

5.Do you think it’s fun to have many real life friend anime fan?

This is very subjective for most of the people and that includes me. It depends on the friends themselves. Like me, I’m starting to stray from anime world and into doujinshi since most of the animes nowadays doesn’t really prove the world I used to like (Harems, fanservice and whatnot tainted them already). And finding those that have the same interest as you is very enjoyable indeed. But it’s better to have more real life friend anime fan since being alone proved to be hazardous for my mind.

6.If you have the opportunity to have a job that is related to anime, what would it be?

I have to say, it’s between doujinshi artist, illustrator or music making. I like drawing and japanese music. They have these nuances that made them different from the rest of the world. And I do like to make stories, so I’m more keen to these kind of stuffs.

7. Do you think Japan is the best country in the world? Why?

Can’t say anything about that. I’m an adolescence that hasn’t even went out of Malaysia even once and only knew about the world through books and internet. In other words, I’m still short of information to answer that fact. Although, it will be kind of interesting to live in Japan.

8. How much struggle does it take to continually update your blog?

Depend on what the real life decided to throw at me. Laziness, business and everything else that bugs me in my life will tend to stray me away from blogging and drawing.

9. How many language can you speak?

Malay, English, and a little bit of japanese…. Make it 2 and a half language. I already forgotten russian completely.

10. Did you take your school’s final exam seriously?

Well, duh. it’s the final exam that determines your fate. One moment of screw up can wreck your life good. But I can’t say the same for other exam.

11. What type of video game do you like the most?

Action games like Battlefield. Any game that have the same system as Kingdom Hearts will have my love.


And according to the rule of this award, I have to present 11 random facts of myself;

  1. I love knowing things that other people don’t know
  2. I hate over-imposing people
  3. My mind can go blank in less than one second
  4. Even if I look focused, in fact I’m in my own dreamland
  5. I’m always bugged of the fact I can’t stylise my hair
  6. I don’t always hang out with the opposite gender. Bad experiences.
  7. I want to get out from my house.
  8. I dreamt of making music that people can enjoy
  9. There’s a moment when I can become very confident, and the rest, the opposite
  10. I’m a shy person, so when I get excited, I tend to become real annoying
  11. I can’t remember everything I have learnt, unless there is a catalyst that can lead me to the answer

So, this is the Liebster award. I have to thank L-zerb for nominating me for it. Unfortunately, I don’t know many blogger to the point I can tag them for now. Sorry for breaking the rules and the lateness of the blog. That’s all for now.

By the way, I will post about music from now on. So just wait for it.

Thanks for reading.











One thought on “Hey, it’s the Liebster Award!

  1. L-zerb says:

    Finally you yielded! It’s nice to know your answers to my questions. And I’m excited about your future music posts.


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