Liebster Award the 2nd

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since the last blog. I’m seriously stressed and busy with all my work and whatnot. only recently I bought an internet modem so that I can go surf the internet (RIP wallet).

So, LZerb has nominated me to do another liebster award. And since I have a lot more to do, here they are:

  1. Assuming that the second season of an anime is confirmed, If there is an anime that you really enjoy but have to wait for the second season, would you just read the original source or would you rather wait for the next season?

As per me, I will wait for the second season first before the original source. The reason is that I don’t want to ruin the fun of watching the anime that usually deviates slightly from the original. Take Oregairu for an example. I actually watch the anime and then the novel. I found it quite enjoyable because I have the picture of how they react to each other in anime, and it became easier to think so during reading the original.

2.  What do you think of light novel adaptations? Do you think it’s superior to the original source?

I vote Nay for the second question. Usually novel adaptation is all dandy and that but that just it. Animators simply cannot cramp the whole detail of the novel into a 12 episode series of 24 minutes each. There’s just not enough time unless they took their time and make it like dragon balls. I felt like I turn 1 year older watching each dragonball episode. the thing is, inserting detail into anime is much more difficult to insert a string into a needle.

Sometimes it can be boring, sometimes it can be fun. It’s just the matter of personal preferences. So the conclusion, I don’t have high expectation for light novel adaptations. (besides, they only animated novels with tons of ecchi lately and frankly, that didn’t sit well with me)

3.   have you ever experience overpowering the other team or player when playing sports?

Oh please, don’t make me laugh. I never play sports. (If you considering shooting as a sport, then yes)

4.   Do you have any real life friend anime fan? If you do, how many?

It’s hard to answer this question. It’s not like because I don’t have friends, but people in my community just simply kept it secret. but yes, I do have some. But not many……. I’m lonely man

5.    Do you think it’s fun to have many real life friend anime fan?

It’s not as fun as you think it is. Humans are made different from each other and so do their preferences. It’s nice to have many friends that shares the same hobby, but like medicine, too much can kill. You can see them fighting occasionally upholding their favourite anime while shaming another that might be others’ liking. it could even trigger Anime War 1 (cue the valkyria song).

6.   How did you feel when you first entered college?

I’m excited because I’m leaving the immature world and their citizens behind. seriously, my old school is a bit tad boring than I expected. At college, you got more free time than ever (unless you’re taking my program) and no one to control you (unless your seniors are jackasses). I get some sort of ‘new age’ feeling and renewing myself into a new individual that’s better than before. but sadly, there are some people from my old school that are taking the same program and boy, it was not fun when you realises that they are not your friends like you expected. but yeah, it’s fun. 🙂

7.   Do you ever get bullied?

Of course. having my face meaning that you will get bullied (mentally). Is it wrong to have shorter jaw than other people? I can’t remember having being physically bullied but mentally is not equally fun too. So don’t bully other people folks, they are humans like us.

8.   What genre or what kind of music do you usually listen?

This is a bit hard for me to answer because I can’t describe in one word about what kind of music I usually listen. Most of them contain what I called ‘Pieces of realities’ and ‘word of truth’. Simply said, I like listen to song that tell you a story or a message like the one I posted before. And I did not like metal songs that have those metal screaming that I can’t interpret that as anything but a psycho’s voice that doesn’t have anything better to do. (FIY, my roommate plays this kind of music LOUDLY everyday and it causing a new kind of cancer in my brain and ear. luckily there’s no nicki minaj or justin bieber)

9.    What genre of anime do you usually enjoy?

Usually comedy. I have a stressed life after all with dealing with annoying people and such. Action and slice of life would be a good thing for me. But if the anime is jam-packed with many kinds of genre like Gintama, I will hop into the fandom readily. Of course there’s one big condition for anime that I want to watch : No ecchi as cheap-tactics to lure viewers. I don’t feel right watching those kinds of thing because it will ruin my original motif of watching animes.

(by the way, I finished watching Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail, and I need some rest after all of that. that show is seriously messed up (and badass))

10.   Is there anything (And I mean anything at all) that is popular you tend avoid?

An anime that is too popular like SAO is something I tend to avoid. it has too much fan that I would prefer to find other less-cramped place to stay. Oh yeah, I don’t hang out with hot and popular people. You see, the term popular kid in my place is a bit weird. all you need is a humorous personality, weird hairstyle and desecrating other people. I can’t stand them. they are annoying, doesn’t do anything beneficial and made me mad. As a result, I avoid them all the time but I try to make it less obvious to them

11.   Do you speak English fluently? For native English speakers, do you speak your second language fluently?

As a guy who have a weird mouth structure, it’s a little hard for me to speak properly with my small voice and whatnot. But if I talk slowly, I won’t stutter and such. Still, I do have problems speaking to the public as no one isn’t really paying attention to what I said and my uninteresting style of speech made it worse.

That’s it. sorry for the short and uninteresting answers. I have a lot to do after this. Not to mention I have 3 test, 1 drawing presentation and mime drama presentation, so no rest for me. (And I just recovered from my fever, too…)

Thanks to L-zerb for asking me this. It’s nice to know my old friend still asking me this questions (ovo)Y


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award the 2nd

  1. L-zerb says:

    I guess I will be nominating you for yet another award. Sorry if this becomes a chore to you.


  2. L-zerb says:

    Long time no see. I shall now nominate you yet again for a different award. Sorry again, I just can’t find someone else… Anyway, here’s the link:


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