Inspector Green Tag….. Why did they called it that?

One of my friend, Lzerb tagged me into this questionnaire for anime fan….. Honestly, I haven’t watched too many animes lately because I was busy artwork/music hunting for the famously known Touhou series….



Without further ado, let’s answer these questions;  Continue reading


New guy

Hello guys, this is nassan035, a greenhorn when it comes to blogging. I started making one because my friend, L-zerb made one back a few weeks ago. Figuring I have to try it out, here I am.

Nothing to say much about myself, besides from being an anime fan, a newbie artist and a guy who loved music too much. currently I am digging into Touhou Project that caught my interest.

Well, I planned to make this site as a place to share my thoughts, drawings or even ranting about stuffs. And I hoped that I can make new friends since I’m a little bit reclusive.

Stay classy.